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The Formation of Vazians 87' batch was held on 4th December 2010 at Crystal Ball Room of Avenra Garden Hotel in Negombo with the participation of 85 members. This was given wide publicity through National Television through Nugasevana Program and in the News Tab which created curiosity among fellow Vazians.

The official web site www.vazians87batch.com was also launched on that day, which provides the much important data base of those who did A/Ls in 1987 at Joseph Vaz College and depicts the esteem positions they hold in the society.

I was appointed as the President of the batch at the inaugural Annual General Meeting held on 4th December 2010.

The 1st Annual Batch Trip was organized to Sinharaja Rain Forest from 14th to 16th July 2011. Despite a large crowd was expected only 12 members and their families participated for the journey. Though it was with less participation, a friendly atmosphere groomed and paved the way to go from strength to strength.

In keeping with my promise as President, I invited all members for the President’s Lunch which was arranged at Olenka Sunside Beach Hotel, Marawila on 7th August 2011 with the partecipation of 34 members.

The first task allocated for the executive committee was to organize the Teachers’ Felicitation ceremony.

The event was organized with the participation of 43  teachers which commenced with a memorial mass held at Thammita Church and the grand felicitation ceremony at Goldi Sands Hotel Negombo followed by a dinner party and Valuable Presents worth of Rs. 226, 580/= were offered to the teachers in appreciation  of their services.

The 2nd Annual General Meeting was also held co-inside with the batch get-together on 3rd December 2011 with the participation of 75 Members and their spouses at Goldi Sands Hotel.

Year 2012 commenced with the Annual Batch Trip to Kukuleganga Holiday Resort on June 2nd – 3rd, to which a large gathering of 21 members and their families participated.

The 3rd Annual Get-together and the Annual General Meeting was held on 1st December 2012 at Grand Holiday Resort , Wennappuwa with the participation of 68 members and their spouses.

The other remarkable fact was the venue where the function was held is owned by one of our members who had created an innovative Hotel Concept.

The 3rd year commenced with the new addition to the Vazians 87 batch calendar and the Sinhala New Year Festival which was organised at Olenka Sunside Beach Hotel with the participation of more than 100 people including the children who had a great fun and excitement with many events for them to take part.

The 3rd Annual Batch Trip was organized to Rakwana Kuruwita on 9th to 11th August 2013 to which 18 members participated with their families. The enthusiasm shown by the members could be evidenced from the participation of two families living abroad joining us during their vacation to Sri Lanka at this time.

Helping our members at needy hours was our main objective which was carried on from the day one of our gathering and motivated every one of us to continue with the good work we carried on.

After the Teachers' Felicitation ceremony, most of the teachers enhanced connections with our members which prompts us to take care of them when it was needed.

The Rector of Joseph Vaz College invited the Office Bearers for all Important functions of the College and he always highly reckoned the activities of our batch. The Vazians Walkathon and the Ceremonial laying Foundation stone for the Auditorium and the Annual Price givings are such important events of the College which were graced by our Office Bearers. We too made a contribution of Rs.100, 000/= in the presence of the Minster of Education to the said school project as a good will gesture. Ours was the first batch to make such a contribution. 

Undoubtedly without the dedication and commitment of all members of the Executive committee all those could not have been achieved during such a short span of time.

I take this opportunity to give my sincere regards to all our families who took the burden of organizing monthly meetings with their loved ones and for their unblemished commitment for this worthy course.

I am confident myself with my fellow Office Bearers and Committee Members that we are being able to fulfill the duties assigned on us and to keep the trust and faith of our members during the last three years by Vazians 87 batch.

Therefore I am sure that we became trustees of them.

May God Bless You all !
Hilary Livera
Founder President



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